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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 4 – The Muddy Mississippi

Shortly after midnight the rain started.  Rain is something of an understatement.  We begin to wonder if some guy named Noah is building an Arc somewhere.  Then the lightning and thunder starts.  By 10am it had rained 6 inches.  Several leaky overhead hatches were discovered.  Including the one over Dave and Melissa's bunk.  Melissa awoke in the night with rain drops on her face.  She shut the hatch nice and tight and went back to sleep.  Dave wakes up a while later listening to the rain.  He reaches up and can't feel any rain coming through the hatch over their heads.  He assumes that the rain must be his imagination and goes back to sleep.  Alas, the hatches over the main salon were also open.  Open all night.  And it rained 6 inches.  When Dave awoke, he found "a waterfall" coming into the main cabin.  Oops.

Marla and Dad took showers in the rain.  It was cold, but it was coming down so hard, Marla could stand outside and soap down and rinse off in the rain.

All morning we watched the town which was under several inches of water.  The sewers flooded.  Meanwhile it was clear that half the hillside had been washed into the bay.  We watched as trees, plastic bottles, and the occasional drowned mouse floated by.  The bay was now the color of mud.  Dave ran the engines to charge the batteries for a while, but soon shut them down for fear of what debris might get sucked into them.

The weather finally broke around 1pm and we ventured out to the town in the dingy.  The sewers were still running over.  The town was digging itself out from an inch of mud that had come down off the hills.  We wander into the store in this tiny little town to find that the store is better stocked with cheaper goods than the store we provisioned in back in Athens.  Hmmm... Note to self... next time provision in the islands.

We decided to have lunch on shore as a few restaurants have opened up.  We find the one that has the most locals seated.  We had spaghetti, dolmades with lemon sauce, appetizer plate, and lamb.  We also tried the house wine.  We ordered a red, but we all would swear they served the rose.  Not great, but drinkable none the less.

In the evening, we had cheese and olives as we were all nearly stuffed!

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