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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 5 – Saturday Night Fever

Dave wakes at 7:30am to bright sunshine.  His crew on the other hand is not so bright and shiny.  They are sound asleep.  Puzzled as to why Dave has not started the engines, Melissa arises at 8am to see what the hold up is.  Dave explains he doesn't want to wake everyone.  So Melissa bangs on Dad & Marla's door.  Rise and shine!  And we are off!

For a while we beat up wind in 4 foot seas.  After about 30 minutes we can turn the corner and could sail on a broad reach all the way to the next destination, which was an island called Syros.  The day was 85 degrees and sunny.  Melissa is finally on this time zone and decides to cook at pot roast which bakes in the oven all day long sending out mouth watering smells of onion and garlic.  Mmmm...

When Dave went to raise the main sail, the sail was flapping about and broke the starboard side of the lazy jack.  Rats.  Bringing down the sail is now going to be a pain.  But in a stroke of genius... well, ok, maybe just a stoke of deep thought... Dad thinks to use the spare halyard to raise the broken lazy jack.  And tada!  It worked.

We arrived in Syros to find a fine little harbor.  We had our first taste of docking - Mediterranean style.  You drop an anchor off the bow and back into the dock parallel to all the other boats.  You tie the stern to the dock and extend a gang plank to the dock to get ashore.

We wandered around the town and found a place to sit and have drinks.  It was clearly a tourist trap, but who could resist the Saturday Night Fever Disco music?  We were treated to Cher and numerous other singers of her ilk.

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