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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 8 – Who knew ham came in a tube?

Today we sailed to Santorini.  A beautiful island.  The pumice dome in the center is quite a sight to see.  Sailing into the bowl of the volcano and seeing all the villages around the edge was no doubt the most breathtaking thing we have seen the whole trip.

Along the way, Melissa decided to cook a sausage pasta dish.  She opened what she believed to be a tube of sausage or other ground meat, to find (surprise!) ham.  Hmmm... ok a few modifications to the recipe and we are now having ham with cheesy sauce over pasta with sautéed green peppers and onions.  Yum.

We found a small anchorage on the far side where we spent a quiet night.  Unfortunately, we no longer had a dinner plan because the only meat we had left was another tube of ham.  No chance of starvation as the boat is filled with food.  None the less, we find ourselves improvising - egg salad sandwiches!

Today was a special day.  One year to the day that Dad had heart surgery!  Amazing that one year later he would be sailing the Greek Isles!  We celebrated with a bottle of wine.

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