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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Amabile is home

We departed Bodega Bay around 0600. The tide was minus one foot so we drove through the dredged bay in a ditch (in the fog, of course). Once out of the bay we found a 5 foot swell and decided to tack west for an hour to avoid the rolling swell until we could turn south and pass Point Reyes with the seas on our quarter. We had heard horrible things about Point Reyes making us think we might be in for another Cape Mendocino but conditions only got better as we approached the Golden Gate. We decided to go inland of "Potato Patch" and tucked in close as we rounded the final point to catch our first glimpse of the Golden Gate. Shrouded in fog, we could only see the road deck. The towers were buried in the fog. However, as we got further into the bay, the fog lifted and we were welcomed by sunshine and fresh breezes.

We decided to take the route south of Angel Island near Alcatraz. By then we were getting nice views of San Francisco and the bay bridge. The rest of the way in was windy but nothing compared to the open ocean. We docked in front of her new home round 2:40PM and spent the rest of the afternoon drinking champagne and eating cheese.

The full course of the trip is documented here.

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