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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Heading for Newport

We slept in today and departed port at 0445 to catch the slack tide on the way out. Bar conditions were a little rougher � only boats over 18 feet were permitted. We had 4-6 foot waves at the bar but not even a drop of spray came over the bow. Out a little further, it changed to a 5 foot swell from the west. A bit further down, the wind picked up to 10-15 knots from the NW adding about a foot to the swell. We are rolling a bit but no counter-clearing, table tipping events. Dave and Melissa saw a whale. Gerry was down below and wondered why the engine went idle.

We are going slowly because we have all day to cover less than 70 miles. We have her throttled back to 1100 RPM burning just 1 gallon per hour while still making over 6 knots.

Breakfast was sausage scramble with excellent tasting peaches. Melissa does well in the galley despite the 6 foot seas.

We arrived at the bar early but conditions were smooth so we crossed. You would not even know there was a bar here. We met up with the owners who had been touring down by car. We had dinner at the local brew pub. They had a beer flight that made it fun to try different beers.

We checked the weather and the winds are strong down south now and forecasted to increase here. Crossing bars with 10� seas does not appeal to any of us. Doubtless we will get stuck somewhere for at least a day so we decided Newport has more to offer.

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