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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

On the road again

Destination today is Coos Bay. Mike (the owner) joined us at 0550 this morning and we were underway by 0600. It is about 10 or 11 hours to Coos Bay so we should be there by 5:00 PM. Seas so far is a forecasted - 5 foot swell on the rear quarter. It was a little bumpy going out of Newport pounding and rolling until we could hang a left and go down wind.

It was a foggy entrance into Coos Bay = about half mile visibility. We fueled up (224 gallons) so now we have plenty (390 gallons) to make it to our destination.

The plan is still to do an overnighter tomorrow. We should be to Brookings by Thursday afternoon, Eureka by morning and then onto Fort Bragg to tie up for the night. Melissa is going to travel in the chase car and meet us there. Hopefully she will be quite rested and ready to feed three guys that probably did not eat well without their chef on board.

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