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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea


We got underway about 0700. Melissa departed the boat to follow us in the chase car. She is not thrilled to do an overnighter so Mike has assumed the cooking responsibility.

It was another foggy start - about half mile visibility. The fog lifted once we got out a ways but it still is overcast (and 55 degrees) this morning. Forecast is still good for the overnighter. Pt. St. George to Cape Mendocino weather tonight is supposed to be winds north 5-15, wind waves 1-3 feet, northwest swell 4-5 feet. We should make the Cape well after dawn. That is good - we have read horror stories about rounding the Cape in the dark. Fort Bragg will be Friday's destination. ETA is about 4:30 Friday afternoon assuming we slow down to 7 knots during the night.

We have been traveling down the - crab-trap free zone - so far. Today we are experimenting with direct route to Cape Blanco and then direct to Cape Mendocino generally west of the suggested course. We have seen very few traps once we got into Oregon so our theory is that we can save a few miles by straightening the course. Once we round Cape Blanco and turn south, we will be outside the 100 fathom curve so it is unlikely we will see any traps. This course will take us about 30 miles offshore where the coast indents south of Crescent City, CA.

Sun came out at noon as did the wind. It is blowing 15-25 but right on the stern quarter so is not uncomfortable.

Mike made an awesome dinner. Gerry headed off 30 degrees to reduce the rolling while Mike made rice, panned fried halibut (that Gerry caught in Alaska) with some of Mike's morel mushrooms. Dave was the galley helper to hold things in place and catch items as they tried to jump off the stove and counter. Dave has more appreciation for Melissa's cooking underway.

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