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Day 10 – Easy Trip Home

Woke up at 7am and started getting organized for the trip home.  After breakfast we had our LPG cellulite fighting massages.  I can see a noticeable difference on my legs now.  Then our final training appointments where Anthony gave me more variations on the home workout.  And then our final lunch.

We divvied up the cash we had left for tips for everyone – which they were extremely grateful for.  Given that they live on $500 a month, a tip of $10 is a half a day’s pay.  I left most of my remaining snacks with Anthony who was happy because he rarely gets low carb snacks as they don’t exist in this part of the world.  I was able to part with them because I still had plenty for the trip home in case the airplane food was not edible for me.

After all our backup planning – we didn’t need them.  The flights home were uneventful, other than a bit of a hassle canceling one of our backup flights that the airline claimed we checked in for – but Expedia was able to straighten it out for us and got us all the money back.

Ultimately, I lost an inch on my waist and 3 lbs.  Given that I weighed 160 lbs to start, 3 lbs is 2% body weight which is healthy – likely true fat loss – plus likely a smidge of muscle gain.  Erica lost 6 lbs and three inches off her waist.  So the program clearly works!

In the end we paid $188 per day – all included – room, daily massages, every other day LPG massages, training, food and water.  And we spent $40/day in spending money on other stuff – souvenirs, spa appointments, touristy stuff.  Plus the $1700 in airfare to get there and back, though according to Kayak, you can get there for $700 if you plan ahead and travel economy.

A few notes on Thailand.  All the signs are in Thai and English so its easy to get around.  Though some of the translated English can be a bit funny.

I didn’t need my power converter because my computer charging cord can handle 110 or 220V, as can my phone charger.  We always felt safe.  Even in the poorer areas of town, we never felt anything sketchy and both Erica and I have pretty good radar from having traveled all over the world.

I would happily go back again.  In fact depending on how the job search goes, I just might!

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