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Day 10 – Easy Trip Home

Woke up at 7am and started getting organized for the trip home.  After breakfast we had our LPG cellulite fighting massages.  I can see a noticeable difference on my legs now.  Then our final training appointments where Anthony gave me more variations on the home workout.  And then our final lunch.…

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Day 9 – The wrong place to pick a fight

Woke up around 7am.  Have routinely been sleeping exactly 8 hours solidly and waking up refreshed.  Must be those massages.  The heat rash is looking much better, so maybe the coconut oil theory is working.  Did a bunch of email and blogging and then headed up for breakfast.  Eggs again today.  Soon…

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Day 8 – Chaos day

Awoke just before 6am this morning to a text message from Cathay Pacific saying that our flight today from Phuket to Hong Kong was canceled.  I hopped on the Cathay Pacific website to see if they had rerouted us.  No such luck.  But I could check in for the Hong Kong to Seattle leg if I wanted to.  …

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Day 7 – Every possible cheesy touristy thing

We started out early today, alarm set for 5:30 for a 6am departure for our hike to the big buddha.  We hopped in the taxi and were dropped off at the base of the hill.  The grade was at least 7% at the bottom. It would flatten out for brief periods, but was pretty much uphill all the way.  Others ha…

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Day 6 – Busting my ass

The day started out as usual, rise early, head to breakfast at 8, and then first fitness class at 9am.  It’s a cross fit class, but with a twist.  This time we were working in teams with everyone’s performance determining who “won”.  This of course is intended to create competition to both be fun an…

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Day 5 – Aches and pains but no whining

Awoke this morning and was relieved to discover that my pulled glute muscle is doing ok.  I credit the ice bath.  It’s still a bit sore, but I can do the stairs without favoring my left leg.  Usual routine of breakfast at 8, hang out by the pool trying to solve the murder game, and then 10:40am hot …

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Day 4 – Opposite day

I was up at 5:30 am and wide awake.  Apparently, all I need these days is 8 solid hours.  Couldn’t convince my body that because it was still dark out that it should go back to sleep.  So got up and headed up to the top floor restaurant so that I could do some work and write these trip blog posts wh…

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Day 3 - Isn't the other guy supposed to get bruises when you box?

Bounced awake after 8 hours sleep. Feeling pretty good. Sore in places but not so stiff I can’t move. Did some work on the computer before meeting Erica for breakfast at 8. Our first class wasn’t until 10:40 so we had a couple of hours to kill. We decided to play with the murder puzzles (https:/…

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Day 2 - How many massages can one get in a single day?

Woke up early this morning at 6am despite having taken a half a muscle relaxer last night. Drat. Breakfast was silly. A bowl of cooked beans in some sauce alongside some steamed veggies. Nowhere near enough protein. Seems that without eggs the kitchen has no idea how to feed me breakfast. Later Anth…

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Day 1 - It doesn't suck here

This morning we got up for breakfast at 8. Giant pile of scrambled eggs and steamed broccoli. (Seems when they asked last night what I was allergic to I forgot to say eggs.) Erica wanted to start a workout at 9. We have schedules that tell us when all the classes are – most open to the public. The g…

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Getting to Thailand

I worked a 12-hour day in the office on Friday, went home to finish packing, and headed for the airport. Erica and I got on the plane Friday night just after midnight. The flight to Hong Kong wasn’t bad as we had premium economy seats with a bit of extra room and they tilt back further. They also fe…

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