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Day 4 – Opposite day

I was up at 5:30 am and wide awake.  Apparently, all I need these days is 8 solid hours.  Couldn’t convince my body that because it was still dark out that it should go back to sleep.  So got up and headed up to the top floor restaurant so that I could do some work and write these trip blog posts while watching the sunrise.

Good news is that I don’t have any bruises from yesterday’s boxing match – much to my pleasant surprise!

We had early morning Yoga class.  This time another version of the hammock class.  You use the hammocks sort of like a TRX to help you work out.  In the end, Mel taught us how to hang upside down in them.

Here is a fast action 30 second video of the class:

Then headed to the restaurant for breakfast, after which it was time for another endermologie massage.  Then lunch – another great Thai chicken curry.

Then a workout with Anthony.  Second exercise he did was step ups on a box.  Its conceptually easy – you step on the box like it’s a stair alternating between right and left feet.  I was very hesitant because the box was quite high – like 18”.  I asked Anthony to use the shorter box – 8” high.  And he was like “no way you got this”.  Hmmmm.  Right leg no problem.  First step up with the left leg – riiiippp – tore the left glute muscle and wrenched the left knee too.  Ouch, ouch, ouch.  I managed to finish the work out – but was limping.  And discovered that going up the stairs was quite painful.  This is so not good.  Asked the front desk if I could get an ice bath today to see if that would help.  They had the giant blocks of ice in the bath within 40 minutes (where do they come from?).  I did two rounds of 10 minutes sitting in the cold hoping that would help.  Oddly, 10 minutes went by fast and I would have been quite content to sit in there longer.  But Erica did some quick google searches that said that you shouldn’t stay in longer than that.

Meanwhile I suggested Erica sit in the ice bath too – cuz why waste the ice?  So she got in and was shivering cold.  And she is always the one that is warm.  So today I’m content in the ice and she’s cold?  Ok, this is officially deemed opposite day cuz clearly the world has gone upside down and backwards.

Meanwhile one of the other residents went to the kitchen and made himself a protein shake.  No sign of the kitchen staff, and I was hungry too.  So I went over and made myself one.  But mid blender mixing, the cook came back.  I got scolded – no one but the cook is allowed in the kitchen!

We had planned to hire a driver and go see the sites around the island, but I was not feeling like doing anything other than resting my injured butt.  (No wise cracks!).  Erica and I then hung out in the pool, and got out another murder game to play.  We are one puzzle from being done with all three that I brought along.  Then what are we going to do?!

We headed off for evening relaxation Yoga.  I wondered how that might go, but other than one exercise that I had to modify to make it work with my injury it was fine.  Evening Yoga is really all about stretching and meditation.  Tonight’s class used big heavy flat weights (30 KG) – the kind you put on a bar and weight lift with.  At first, we lay on the floor with our legs at a 90 degree angle up against the wall, and the instructor put the weights on our chest.  We then sat with the weight for several minutes.  This increases the stretch and makes you have to work harder to take in a deep breath, and is oddly relaxing.  So the class was essentially a bunch of different positions with a similar theme.

By the time we walked back upstairs – my injury was feeling much better.  Still a bit of an ache but no sharp pain.  Fingers crossed that tomorrow it doesn’t stiffen up.  Will also take another half a muscle relaxer to try and make sure of that.

Dinner was a spicy shrimp and pork dish with another big green salad.

After dinner, back to our rooms to relax and await our massage before bed.

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