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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 2 - How many massages can one get in a single day?

Woke up early this morning at 6am despite having taken a half a muscle relaxer last night. Drat. Breakfast was silly. A bowl of cooked beans in some sauce alongside some steamed veggies. Nowhere near enough protein. Seems that without eggs the kitchen has no idea how to feed me breakfast. Later Anthony (my trainer) said to just ask for bacon or ham if that happens again. Though they will think it odd as the notion of meat for breakfast does not exist here.

Was dragging for the first work out which was like a cross fit class. The instructor (who today happened to be Anthony) had rounds of various exercises – about half of which involved squats. I was like “not happening”. So for like half the exercises I just made up something else to do from all the stuff Tiffany used to make us do at the ProClub. I did that thing with the medicine ball where you sit on the ground and twist back and forth touching it to the ground. And wall sits. Later Anthony said that he was glad that I adjusted the workout to suit my own fitness level.

After that I was beat. Really dragging. So went for a protein shake. This time I went and sat at the bar and instructed them on how to make it. I told them I wanted coconut milk instead of water, and they added some almond butter. And ice – to make it more like a milkshake. Still not great but edible – not nearly as disgusting as yesterday. And I got a good dose of fat. Then went and laid down for 30 minutes after which I started to feel better. They tell us that low electrolytes will make people super tired here because you sweat so much in the heat. They suggest coconut water. So the coconut milk in the shake likely perked me up.

Then time for the LPG massage. https://www.endermologie.com/en/endermologie-lpg/ Device that massages – feels good – and is supposed to reduce the cellulite. And improve circulation. Might have to go for some sessions after I get home – but I’ll bet they cost more than the $26 per session we pay here.

Then personal trainer workout. Lunges. Bleck. Could be worse I suppose – could be burpees. Then lunch – chicken breast and salad. After which we hung out in the pool for a while. Then I got cold. Yes, that’s right, cold. So we got out of the pool. I actually love the weather here. Cools off in the evening so that you can just sit in the open-air restaurant and enjoy. We drink a LOT of water every day though. Today I drank an entire gallon.

I realized I needed a pedicure. So we texted Mel the yoga teacher and she told us where to go. Went down to reception had them call to make an appointment and call us a taxi. We jetted off only to get to the area where all the massage shops are – it’s a street lined on both sides with like every other place offering massages and other spa services. The taxi driver says “which one”, and we are like, ummmmm….. But then I saw one that looked like the pictures on the website Mel directed us to. Voila! The hotel told me there would be an ATM across the street since we’ve not gotten any local currency. Alas no, there was a money exchange but not an ATM. Back in the taxi and down a couple of blocks to the 7-Eleven (they are all over the place here) where there was an ATM. Then back to the spa. Only to be told that we had called their other location to make the reservation. Doh. But not to worry they can take us in. Good thing because we asked the taxi to come retrieve us in an hour. Mel was right the place is amazing. They have an open-air garden in the ceiling.

The interior is also gorgeous with brass bowls for feet washing.

So I got my pedicure and Erica decided on a facial – which came with a massage (second of the day). She said it was pure bliss. For the pedicure and facial I paid $1000 BHT plus $100 BHT tip. That comes to $36 USD for both. (Later we were told we overpaid.) Erica is like – lets come back and do that again only this time get a Thai massage and a facial. I’m like “yeah, but we have massages at the hotel every day”, and she’s like “yeah so?”. Hmmm. Yeah, good point. More massages for everyone!

Back at the hotel now it’s time for end of day stretch/wind down yoga class for an hour. Ah. Meditate stretch. Yep nice and relaxed. Mel is the yoga instructor and all-around fun organizer.  She has been all over the world studying holistic medicine.

Then time for dinner. Some kind of pork soup that was pretty good.  Then back to the room for my evening massage.  My second since I had the high-tech one this morning.  Will be Erica’s third of the day since she also got one with the facial. We rescheduled most days so that the massage comes after dinner so we can just roll over and go to sleep.

Yeah, this definitely does not suck. Though I am getting more sore. We shall see whether I can walk tomorrow or not… Be nice if I can since I get to learn to box tomorrow. Erica did it today and she said that when she punched the trainer really hard he would laugh and get a big smile. And no apparently the trainer doesn’t hit back.

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