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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 5 – Aches and pains but no whining

Awoke this morning and was relieved to discover that my pulled glute muscle is doing ok.  I credit the ice bath.  It’s still a bit sore, but I can do the stairs without favoring my left leg.  Usual routine of breakfast at 8, hang out by the pool trying to solve the murder game, and then 10:40am hot yoga.  We are doing better at hot yoga and not getting so overwhelmed by the heat.  Then time for a protein shake.  I was feeling very low energy so I went to lie down for a bit before my personal training time with Anthony.  I showed up moving slow.  I suggested getting on the treadmill for a bit of a walk to see how I was doing.  Within 5 minutes I was jogging.  Haven’t done that in years.  OK I only jogged for a couple of minutes – but small victories are still victories.  Then onto the rowing machine – did 1000 meters in just under 6 minutes.  I’m told that’s pretty good.  I’ve nothing to compare it to.

Erica was moving slow this morning too.  She has been getting progressively more sore.  She complained of this to Eric her trainer today and he decided on some different exercises which seemed to relieve some of the soreness.  Goes to show that you can’t do the same exercises again and again, you have to mix it up.  This is Eric her trainer.

After training it was time for lunch and a float in the pool.  Then another ice bath/steam room rotation where we went back and forth.  In theory this is supposed to be good for flushing toxins from your system.  I don’t know about that – but it does make you feel better – so who cares why?

Then time for stretching yoga on the roof while watching the sunset.  Ahhhh.

You can see the big buddha from the roof.  Plan is to hike up to see it on Sunday.

Then dinner – yummy salmon and (yet another) green salad with balsamic dressing.  There are tons of geckos here.  They come out particularly at night in the restaurant.  They are all over the ceiling and its fun to watch them scurry around.

We went to the evening class on Chakra Meditation.  Erica has been looking forward to this all week.  She meditates all the time.  No one but us showed up for the class so it was like a private lesson.  She had us lay down on the floor and she started to whisper what she wanted us to do.  I remember maybe the first 5 minutes before I was sound asleep.  Woke up just in time to head back to the room for the nightly massage.

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