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Day 9 – The wrong place to pick a fight

Woke up around 7am.  Have routinely been sleeping exactly 8 hours solidly and waking up refreshed.  Must be those massages.  The heat rash is looking much better, so maybe the coconut oil theory is working.  Did a bunch of email and blogging and then headed up for breakfast.  Eggs again today.  Soon after had a terrible stomach ache.  Probably too many eggs this trip.  Dang it.

I booked another flight home tomorrow as a backup – cancelable for 24 hours.Erica has a flight out Thursday to Spokane for a quick overnighter, and then departs Saturday for a week in Mexico.  So getting home has become more or less imperative.   Good news is that according to the Hong Kong airport officials, operations are returning to normal today.  So fingers crossed that by tomorrow all will be well.

Then onto workout using the “do by yourself” exercise routine that Anthony designed for me.  Erica volunteered to do it too because it sounded like more fun than the treadmill.  We traded off exercises which gave us both the right amount of time to rest between sets.  The hour flew by.

Then a protein shake before boxing class.  These champions that come to teach us are a riot.  They make a big deal (think Abbot and Costello antics) when you land a punch or a kick solidly.  Today my trainer tried to actually get me to hit him.  Couldn’t do it.  I can slug away at the protective pads they wear but I can’t take a shot at him for real.  Seems my boxing career might be over before it begins.

When I came downstairs for my class, Anthony said that some weird guy had come into the gym by jumping the fence.  Early this morning he came in and did a work out.  Shortly before 1pm he came back, and when Anthony asked him to check in with the front desk he said, “go back to work, you are just standing around talking”.  Anthony insisted he leave, which he did but then came back.  This time Eric (Erica’s trainer) went to try to talk to him.  Eric was joined by Erica’s boxing trainer (a world champion boxer) and some of the other staff.  This time the guy agreed to come back later and pay the membership fees.  But the he showed up a fourth time in the lobby while Anthony was there pretending not to speak English.  Anthony tried google translate on his phone, but the guy just stood there.  So Anthony stood in front of him refusing to budge for a full 10 minutes before the guy finally left.  The girls in the office were all bent out of shape about the whole incident.  And lets be super clear – this is unbelievably stupid on the guy’s part.  If the girls in the office decide to make a call – it might well be to the boxing training facility next door – at which point a bunch of guys show up and he might not be heard from again.  This is a family friendly place – so you have to believe that the locals are not going to take kindly to an out of town bully messing with the young girls in the office.  I kid you not, the boxing training is next door – here’s a picture from the pool on the roof of our building!

After boxing it was time for a shower and then lunch.  Followed by a dip in the pool and a bit of relaxing reading a book.  And then (sadly) the very last of the evening yoga classes with Mel.  We love her classes – they are so relaxing and increase flexibility.  Then dinner and (again sadly) the last of our evening massages.

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