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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Dave replaces the starter yet again

We were due to head out this afternoon with Dave’s 89 year old Dad – George.  George has always wanted to go on a boat venture with us, but has never had the opportunity.  We drove to Shilshole at about noon.  Shilshole called us along the way and said that they needed us to move the boat as the slip we were in was reserved for an event and they needed us out ASAP.  We said we would move as soon as we got there.  Alas Apsaras had other plans.  She wouldn’t start.  After going back and forth with the marina, we decide to just stay where we are for the night.  That way Dave can take his time fixing the engine.  Best guess is that Apsaras wants a new starter.  Cuz she always wants a new starter.  And indeed after picking up George and getting him back safely aboard, Dave replaced the starter.  Yet again.  This will be the fourth starter Dave has installed since we bought the boat 8 years ago.  Dave replaced the starter just last March in 2020.  So this latest one lasted just over a year.  Good thing Melissa puts a new one in the spares inventory every time Dave replaces one.  Ultimately the current problem can be traced to a leak where the turbo charger connects to the engine.  It leaks water that drips onto the starter and corrodes them.  It’s a big job to fix that little leak though.  So Dave has been avoiding it.

With the newly installed starter, we headed to Poulsbo and parked on the dock for a couple of days with George.  Great food and nice hang out!

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