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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Engine trial run to Poulsbo

We headed out around 1pm.  We decided to make the easy run across to Paulsbo so that if the newly repaired engine has issues, we can get back to Shilshole or tow them to an anchoring spot easily.  But the engine worked fine.  A few sputters that we believe was just a bit more air in the lines making its way out.

After all the excitement of the past few days, we decided to just chill at Poulsbo.  Charly and Nomi treated us to dinner at our favorite Spanish tapas restaurant as a way to say thanks for the engine repairs.  Was nice to just relax!

Next day we made an uneventful trip back to Shilshole.  Good food, good company, and good weather.  That’s what this sailing thing is all about.

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