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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Uneventful as a trip through the locks gets

After all the engine work the past few weeks, we are ready to head out!  We loaded the boat with groceries last night.  Apsaras is as loaded with food and wine as she ever has been.  We plan to be gone a week, and we have enough food for two weeks.  Well, its all about choices isn't it?

We finished loading the gear aboard and left the dock around 1pm.  We were all the way through the locks by 3:30, and that with a stop along the way for more diesel.  That's a record.  Every bridge opened right away.  Except for Montlake where after the traffic halted we waited several minutes but no bridge movement.  Eventually the bridge tender came out in his orange vest with a tool and tinkered with something.  At which point the bridge went up.  They have been doing maintenance on the bridge and we think they must have left something locked up tight and we might have been the first sailboat through after the work completed.  The Freemont Bridge even stayed open for us - having just opened for a boat just a few minutes ahead of us.  Lunch was a huge platter of cheeses, salami, fresh veggies, crackers and dips.  With wine of course.  Plenty of rose.

Having reached the ocean side a couple of hours ahead of schedule, we decided to head for Poulsbo.  Easy anchoring and we are set!  Jim made us a dinner of the most amazing pork chops along with mushroom risotto.  Mmmmm.

We cracked open the first murder mystery game - appropriately the Baker's Dozen.

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