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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

2 hours on the bus

Since Dave was working, Melissa figured she would head into Eastsound by bus and do a bit of shopping.  The bus in was no problem.  There is only one bus on the island.  The bus driver said the next bus heading back to Rosario was at 1:35pm.  So Melissa got on the 1:35 bus.  Alas, it wasn't the one home, but the one that went all over the rest of the island.  Not a total loss as she got to see the whole of Orcas Island, though two hours on the bus was a bit much.  The bus driver was a riot though with a running commentary of all things small town.  Melissa learned that the town of Olga is having problems with an arsonist.  There have been three large blazes set - one of which burned down the town café along with all the local artist works hanging on the walls.  "Confidentially" the local authorities believe all three fires are related, and in likelihood the culprit is a local as he knew when to set the fires when no one was around.  Not sure how anything a driver tells a bus load of tourists can be confidential, but oh well.

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