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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

A somewhat techical sailing day

We knew getting off the dock in the wind at Nanaimo was going to be tricky.  We set up a spring line from the bow to the dock at mid-ship.  That way Dave could power forward and the net effect would be that the stern would swing outward, with the hope of clearing the boat behind us at which point he could back off the dock.  However, all the boaters around us came to help, and they just shoved the stern outward with boat poles so it was a piece of cake.

Dave decided to put up the spinnaker.  Only the second time we've gotten it out since we bought the boat.  We had the jib up while Dave rigged the spinnaker.  When he went to roll in the jib, the spinnaker wanted to roll up inside it too.  So Melissa went on deck to straighten out the sails while Dave worked the lines.  After several tries rolling and unrolling the jib, we finally go the jib tucked away.  Note to self, roll in the jib before raising the spinnaker.

We got the spinnaker up but discovered that the spinnaker pin (that holds the spinnaker to the bow of the boat) had come loose and the spinnaker was holding on the pin only because it had sort of jammed itself against the side of the anchor holder.  Hmmm.  Why did the pin pull out?  They aren't supposed to do that.

We pulled into Montague Harbor for the night.

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