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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Humbacks as far as the eye can see

Listen up God.  Next time… more butterflies and less of those horrible biting horseflies, ok?  Those flies are nasty.  Melissa bought Dave a giant electric flyswatter which he used all afternoon chasing them around the boat.  He probably took out 20 of them, but even with Dave's constant vigil and dousing ourselves in bug repellent we still got bit.  Apparently they like to come out to play on nice hot sunny days.  Its just not fair to ruin a perfectly nice day with those critters!

 We saw an enormous pod of humpback whales today in the Fitz Hugh Sound on our way to Dunanby Lodge.  There must have a hundred of them.  We could see them blowing in the distance for miles and miles all up and down Calvert Island.  We got surprised when two of them surfaced not 100 feet off our Starboard side.  They sat on the surface blowing and resting for a while seemingly unperturbed by our proximity.  Then with a flip of their tails they were gone.

Super cute cabins at the lodge.  Nice restaurant too, we had the shrimp pasta with curry sauce.

Gotta love the sunsets!

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