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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Newborn Baby Seals

We slept in and had brunch – bacon and blueberry pancakes.  Yum.

We were almost out of dingy gas.  So Dave went down to the youth camp at the head of the inlet.  They told him that they couldn't buy gas, but he could make a donation.  Deal!

Yesterday during our travels we had come across some baby seal pups.  About 20 inches long we thought it likely that they were very young.  So we went back this afternoon and were able to take a few pictures of one of the young pups, along with some pictures of the pup with Mom and Dad.  Some research indicates that these pups had to be new born based on their size.

In the evening we made a fire on the beach.  We had it on our list of things to do to put out a fire using an old fire extinguisher as we figured that would be a good training exercise.  Of course the fire extinguisher being of type BC wasn't designed to put out wood fires, but none the less did a pretty good job.  The one clear learning was how little fire retardant is actually in the extinguisher.  It goes pretty fast.  So while you are spraying one, someone else should be gathering up the other extinguishers in the boat (or your house) so that you can switch to a fresh one when the first one runs out.

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