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Queen Charlotte Sound Crossing

We crossed Queen Charlotte Sound today.  An open ocean crossing, we were concerned about the weather and it was this crossing that caused us to slow down several days ago so we would arrive at the right weather window.  And indeed the passing was relatively smooth with 10 knot winds most of the way.  Swell was predicted at 3 feet, but the swell turned out to be about 5 foot at one point – not dangerous, but just enough to make it uncomfortable for a couple of hours as it was directly on our beam tossing us about a bit.  We believe the swell was created by the gale force winds off the coast of Vancouver Island that were blowing ashore.

There were numerous calls to the Coast Guard for help today.  One boater who hit a log yesterday and had beached his boat was trying to repair it and get it back underway today.  Another report of a kayaker who was way overdue on the west coast of Vancouver Island – he was found safe after they put up a helicopter to search for him.  Yet another stranded boater that had to be towed to port.  On that last one, Dave was the one who heard the hail for help and was paying close enough attention to realize no one had responded and offered to relay messages to the Coast Guard.  A nearby lighthouse stepped into to help too along with another boater who offered a tow.  This is typical.  Boaters are a strange breed.  You have to be super independent to do this gig.  You have to be willing to go up against the elements knowing your boat is going to break down and probably at the least opportune time.  And yet as a group they are generous to a fault.  Any call for help, and Dave is figuring out whether we are in position to help, probably along with all the other boaters within hearing range.  Dave’s theory is that this is like putting money in the bank.  You know someday you are going to need to take some of that generosity out of the bank when it’s your turn to need some help.  And they are super friendly.  In port its common for them to get together for a drink despite being complete strangers.  Knowing that the friends they make along the way they are quite likely never to see again.

We pulled into Sullivan Bay Marina for the night.  Very cute place with a restaurant and small store.  There are house boats on the docks.  What a great place to own a cabin!

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