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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Spinnaker Failure

We started out from Montague Harbor in the morning and decided to raise the spinnaker.  Melissa rigged it and then went to raise the bag, which kept getting stuck.  Even Dave couldn't get it unstuck.  So we lowed the spinnaker to the deck again and low and behold a giant snarly knot had been created inside the spinnaker sock.  Apparently when we raise the sock we need to keep more tension on the other end of the line to prevent this (this will only make sense to you sailors out there I know).  After that small snafu we got the spinnaker raised.   However, we discovered when we went to jibe that the port side rope was inside the spinnaker sail and we couldn't pull it through between the furling and the spinnaker.  So we took it down again.  However as we were releasing it the spinnaker pin (that holds the spinnaker to the bow of the boat) popped again (it popped yesterday too) and the spinnaker was flapping in the wind making a ton of noise.  So Melissa quickly let the bag down again.  Sheesh.  So now Dave is debating how he wants to replace that danged pin that clearly isn't going to work.

We pulled into the customs dock at Friday Harbor and cleared customs with no problem.  Apparently the beef ban has been lifted so I didn't need to throw that pound of ground beef overboard.  Oh well.

We left the customs dock and went to dock on the main dock.  Alas the wind and currents conspired against us.  Without bow and stern thrusters, we did a perfect docking maneuver - just landing on the dock precisely opposite where we needed to be.  Ironically passersby commented to us what a nice smooth docking maneuver it was.  Yep, it was perfect.  With a bit of tricky maneuvering Dave got us turned around and onto the correct dock.  Whew.  This is one of those moments where Melissa is super glad to be married to Mr. Coolheaded.  Even when things don't go perfectly he adjusts "Apparently Apsaras wants to dock here, so that's where we're gonna go".  The dock hand thanked Dave for "keeping his cool".  Apparently not everyone does.

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