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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

The salmon they torture us

The salmon they torture us.  They jump all around taunting us as if to say, “Ha ha, you can’t catch us!”

We pulled into Shearwater marina.  We were here precisely 4 weeks ago.  Since then the place has changed from off season to full summer season.  The docks are littered with boaters sitting comfortably in shorts with martinis and wine glasses in hand.  When we were here before people were still in their rain gear.  Except for Dave, of course, who was wearing his shorts even then despite the odd looks he was getting.  Turns out the grocery store at Bella Bella (just across the bay) burned down a week ago.  So we picked up supplies here – despite the smaller store in Shearwater.

We got word from our friends in San Francisco – the ones we took the boat down for last summer – that a friend of theirs sunk their boat.  It was a real shame.  It was a 70 foot pirate style yacht that the guy built by hand – taking years and years.  They took it out to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July and it hit the rock wall coming into their channel and sunk. The story was told in Latitude 38 where neighbors friends and family are trying to get donations to try and raise the ship off the bottom without bankrupting the owner.

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