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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

The Waterfalls of Princess Louisa

Most of the photos in this post courtesy Jim Maurer.

When Jim woke up he had a shock when he realized a critter had come aboard during the night and eaten some hamburger buns and chips.  We thought at first maybe a raccoon.  However, a close inspection revealed that it was a bird that had pecked through the plastic to get at a nice meal.  He must have flown down through one of the open portals on the deck.

Started off early from Egmont with Jim and Margaret headed for Princess Louisa.  It was calm though we did get to sail a little bit.  We hit Malibu Rapids an hour ahead of slack and had no problem making it through.

We went to count the waterfalls from Chatterbox falls back to MacDonald Island where we were hanging on the mooring buoy and counted 18 on the west side of the inlet.  It’s easy to believe there must be 100 between Malibu Rapids at the head of the inlet and Chatterbox Falls at the end.

Believe it or not, this photo was taken looking straight up the cliff side at a waterfall coming straight down.

The mooring buoy we snagged on the backside of MacDonald Island has a big rock that is dry at low tide, but disappears at high tide.  Dave took the kayak out and sat on the rock till he was forced to get back in the kayak.



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