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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Whisky Golf is Active, repeat, Active today

Started out early from Garden Bay to cross the Straights of Georgia before the winds get strong in the afternoon.  Dave was happy as the winds were strong enough to sail.  Out in the middle where its unprotected the waves got to about 4 foot on our beam, but calmed back down when we hit the other side.  The military operations area "Whiskey Golf" was active, and we amused ourselves listening to them yell at boaters to stay out of the active torpedo testing range as they were "putting their vessel and personnel at serious risk".  Sheesh, the military operations area is frequently operating up here and there are warships patrolling it.  Plus they are announcing that its active on the radio like every 15 minutes.  You would think that would be sufficient to prevent most people from wandering into it.  Alas, apparently not.

We pulled into Nanaimo for the night and plan to hang here for a couple of days while Dave works.  We had dinner at this great little Mexican seafood restaurant right in the marina - Penny's Palapa.  Highly recommend it if you are ever in Nanaimo. 

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