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Not going blind. No really. Not going blind.

All is well.  Just starting there cuz what follows was a bit intimidating,  Ok, maybe more than a bit.

On Thursday I managed to poke my eye with a cactus.  Totally lame.  Leaned over to pull a deck pot into position only to be poked in the eye with a blue agave.  Square in the eye.  At first I …

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Kitchen Before and After

When we moved into the condo. the Kitchen was painted a blueish purple color.  Bizarre given the wood tones.

And there was this ugly modern picture on the wall.  So not our style.  And the color clashes.  Red painting, blue walls, orange tile and natural wood cabinets.  The combination was j…

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Kelly lives here now

Kelly and Nicole visited us for a week.  We had a total blast.  This look here is classic Kelly.  Laughing his ass off.  And making the rest of us laugh just as hard.

Its great to see him so happy with Nicole.  Though she is way out of his league.  At least that is what Kelly says, and we…

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Marla comes for a visit

Marla came for a visit this week.  She relaxed, read books, and people watched on the beach.  Whole lotta nothin' really.  It was great!  She wished she could have stayed longer since Kelly gets here in few days.

Dave wasn't feeling well, so Melissa and Marla headed out to dinner her last…

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Does a big iguana live here?

Dave tells Melissa that there is a big iguana that lives in the trees around the pool.  Uh huh.  Right.  Sure thing.  Somehow that lizard is always MIA when Dave tries to show it to Melissa.  This afternoon Dave claimed to have seen it poking its nose out checking out the street out front.  Melissa …

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New outlet

While Bob was here, he tried to repair the exterior deck outlet behind the BBQ on the lower deck.  What he discovered was that the area behind the outlet was so deteriorated that we couldn’t screw in a new outlet plate because there was nothing to hold the screws.  The plate fell to pieces in his ha…

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Pots galore

Melissa has been working on replacement of the deck pots.  Turns out that clay pots down here deteriorate over the years.  To the point where they turn back into dirt.  These two are so bad that if you poke at them with your finger they just fall apart.  The remaining dozen pots are in somewhat bett…

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Rack of Lamb Cooking Lesson

While Bob and Patty are here, Melissa has been doing a bit of cooking.  Cuz, ya know, guests and food.  They go together!  It was fried fish and giant onion rings a few nights ago.  Tonight, a rack of lamb.  Simple as can be – roasted in the oven with rosemary and garlic, with lemon green beans.  An…

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Bob gets new teeth

When Bob and Patty arrived, Patty (a heart surgeon’s assistant) was curious about health care down here.  She asked whether we try to take care of all our medical appointments, dentist appointments, and so forth before we came down here.  Quite the opposite we explained.  Melissa had just been to ha…

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Sunrise and Sunset over Bahia De Bandaras

Bob and Patty have been up before dawn watching the sunrise over the mountains to the east.

And then watching the sunsets to the west.

And look, the iguana that Dave swears lives by the pool, but mysteriously is never present when Melissa is around, allowed Patty to take his photo!

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Whales with Bob

Since today is one of two full days we will all have free while Bob is here, we decided to rent a boat and head out to the Mariettas islands.  We pack up a lunch, the snorkel gear, and towels in anticipation of an afternoon out.  In the end, we should have just taken our sunglasses and towels.  It w…

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Bob arrives

Melissa has not spent any length of time with her cousin Bob since we were kids.  A wedding here, a dinner there when we pass through Minneapolis, sure.  But not like a “get to know you as an adult” vacation time.  When we bought the condo here, Melissa reached out to her Aunt to invite her (she cou…

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We’ve been together a long time.  Dave knows Melissa’s screeches.  There is the “ick what is this gooey mess?” screech.  Then at a somewhat higher volume there is the “I found a GIANT spider and I am sure he is going to eat me” screech.  At the top end of the squeal-o-meter is the “boat is tipped ov…

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Breakfast before Valentina departs

Today Valentina heads home.  But not before taking us out for breakfast and some very large Bloody Mary’s!

Valentia buys Art

Valentina has had a great week hanging out with us.  We have cooked a ton of great food, Valentina has had a swim in the pool every day.  And is feeling refreshed.  She is also on the hunt for artwork for her newly decorated living room.  So we head over to M8 gallery – owned and operated by Mar…

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Litibu with Valentina

Today we headed over to Litibu Grill.  A new favorite over on the Pacific Ocean side of the point.  They have nice big couches right on the beach and great food and drinks.  A lovely spot to spend the afternoon.


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Valentina Arrives

Dave was supposed to fly home for two weeks for work.  Alas the testing he was supposed to do got canceled due to project delays. Meanwhile, Melissa had invited Valentina to come visit so that we could hang out and have some girl fun.  But Valentina decided to head to Mexico anyway – having been ful…

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Condo Homeowners Dinner

Having gotten settled in these past few weeks, we wanted to meet the neighbors.  Nearly all of whom have now been vaccinated.  First party we have thrown in a very long time.  Pulled pork shoulder with homemade BBQ sauce and homemade pineapple sauce.  And everyone brought salads.  We had way too muc…

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Saturday we attended a children’s charity event.  The local ex-pats here have a number of children’s charities.  Right now there is a big focus on trying to educate the kids despite the schools being closed.  The event on Saturday was a children’s art auction.  The children were given paints and can…

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Setting up Office in Mexico

We have been working on getting our offices all set up here in Mexico.  We have lots more space here than in our condo in Seattle and we are taking full advantage of it.  We bought desk stands - the type that go from sitting to standing at the touch of a button.  But getting desk tops here is somewh…

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